Monday, February 14, 2011

2011 I am so behind!

Ok so it's already February and I haven't posted anything on my blog at all!! I haven't even mentioned how our trip was!! So that's where I will begin!!

Our cruise was an adventure! Ok so I will tell all the good the bad the ugly!! So the Good was being with my family! The ZOO was a blast we saved the panda's for last and Olivia couldn't wait to see them!!

The bad was that my sister and I got terrible motion sickness... Ok I hate flying to begin with but being on a GIANT SHIP I thought might be different NOPE! Good thing my mom brought these pills the doctor told her to have just incase?? The only thing is they made us super drowsy! Can't win for losing!

The ugly well the weather wasn't all that great! It actually rained the day we were in Mexico! I have to tell you I was so excited to go to Mexico I was hoping it would be SUNNY and NICE...not so much. Oh well. My mom, Sister and I ended up being the only ones to get off the ship that day and we had a nice time getting hounded by everyone possible at the swamp meet!! We did end up finding some fun stuff so it wasn't a total loss!

All in all the trip was ok! I don't think we will do another cruise but hey we learned!! I think the next family vacation will be to Hawaii that way I know it's warm, sunny and there's never ending beaches!! Here are some more photos from the trip!! Enjoy!