Sunday, April 7, 2013

Thinking about Our Funny Little Family.......

I know I have blogged about this before but lately I have been really thinking about the direction I want to take "Our Funny Little Family!" Life is crazy hectic working full time, raising two girls and being a wife! Some days I have thought about throwing in the towel and just posting pictures and weekly updates on the girls and how we are all doing, but late one night last week I decided on a few goals and I am hoping I can get help for any and all BLOG FRIENDS and FAMILY!!

Goals for Our Funny Little Family:

1.) I would really love to find a DISNEY connection so I can start blogging and advertising. My main goal would be to take my family on a Disney Vacation and be able to BLOG about it!!

2.) I would love to increase my followers, I don't want to focus on numbers but it seems more and more the companies I approach want to see increased followers!

3.) I want to attend a BLOGGING conference so that I can learn more and develop skills and learn about backgrounds, word/text, advertising, and how to really make Our Funny Little Family THRIVE!!!

4.) Create a BLOG HOP that is successful, one that will attract a wide variety of people and that will go on for months at a time!!

5.) I would love to start really generating an income. I know my numbers are low but I think with some help, maybe some giveaways I can up my game and take Our Funny Little Family to a whole new level.

I appreciate all the people who support and love Our Funny Little Family. I work hard to post honest words, and promote products I really believe in!

I would love and appreciate any and all feedback. I would love contact information if you know and can help me!!! 

Thank you so much for being a member of Our Funny Little Family!