Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Family photos and updates!

In October I had some new family photos done, it was time. Both my girls are growing like weeds and as you can tell from the photo above Miss Olivia is missing BOTH of her front teeth. Everyday she turns more and more into this little lady and I am so proud. Emily turned 2 on the the 25th and she's getting so tall and she's talking up a storm. She knows all her letters of the alphabet, colors, and well every major Disney Character!! She is just finishing up with Croup which hasn't been fun but she's getting back to the same little terror I remember.

Man 2 and almost 8. I can't believe it.
I hope they love each other always because having a sister is one of the greatest gifts!!
I love this photo her eyes are magical and BLUE!!!

I love this photo of the three of us. It always makes me smile. My girls are the most important people in my life and I can't imagine not having either one of them.


  1. Cute photos! My son just turned 3 and the only professional photos he's ever had were taken the day after he was born in the hospital. I think it's about time I take some too! Thx for the inspiration.