Thursday, January 23, 2014

Best Weekend EVER!!!

So I just got back from one of THE BEST WEEKENDS EVER…. I met up with 8 women I have known for 20+ years in Portland Oregon. We traveled and spent the weekend in an AMAZING house in Cannon Beach. We laughed, we cried, and took so many fun pictures and just reconnected. Almost all of us are moms, most work full time and well between work, life and kids you know how hard it is to find time to meet up with 1 let alone 8 of your closest friends? We started planning this trip 4 years ago, I pretty much said no one get pregnant or married in 2014 because we are getting together to celebrate 30. What better way to say HELLO 30 than with my BEST FRIENDS
Can you remember the songs of your childhood through teenagehood? I can and I danced and sang along to a lot of them this weekend. The house was not only filled with sounds, smells, and laughter but memories. Remembering getting ready at Sara's house or Katie's house just JAMMING out to a little Ludacris, some Ashanti and Ja Rule, and who could forget The Ying Yang Twins!! Of course you couldn't help feeling a little older realizing our mix was 12 years old. But these songs were a part of us. 
Each of these amazing women HAVE a special piece of my heart. We’ve been through some ups, downs, and even sideways together.
It was so fun to look through our yearbook and gush over boys we liked, ones we dated, and ones we wished we had!! A funny constant is THE JAR full of questions. It went with us to every slumber party. It was still jam packed full of adolescent questions and splashed with new questions. We also filled out surveys for our future selves and set up a time capsule for 2024!! When I see that date it seems like it will be forever but I know better. That year not only will I turn 40 and go on another exciting and fun trip with these ladies but my OLIVIA will graduate….this is how I know time will fly!!!
Reflecting on this trip I feel such a sense of peace and one of hope. I wish for my daughters to find life-long friends like these women are to me. That they stay in touch, are there for life changing events and that they make the time to GET TOGETHER!!! I will never forget this trip and I am so happy that I have so many WONDERFUL photos to remind me of how truly special friendships really are. I love you girls...thanks for being my friend!


  1. Thats so fun you could all get together! What memories!

  2. I am so happy that you got to have that time away with your girlfriends! That is something you will remember forever.

    And you were at my favorite place ever- looks like the weather was pretty decent for you too!

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